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Gabe / on Mon, Dec 1 2003 at 8:31 am


I just wanted to make a quick post regarding the Links 2004 review over at IGN. Obviously the review is shit since it came from IGN. In fact they actually lied in part of it.

You are able to play with two people on the same TV online; meaning, you and a buddy can hope online together. There is no team-play options, unfortunately.

While it’s true that you and your buddy can “hope” online, the team play remark is a lie. Tycho and I play Links every night and our favorite game type happens to be best ball. You take four players and divide them into two teams. Each member of the team plays a given hole and the best score is put on the card. If you fuck up a Drive or an approach shot you just have to hope that your teammate will be able to deliver.

I was gonna go line by line and tell you why their review is bullshit but I just don’t think it’s necessary. Judging by the advertisements all over their front page I’d say EA is into them for a couple hundred thousand at least. It’s no wonder they claim throughout the Links review that Tiger is a better golf game. Of course they never once mention that Links 2004 supports four players online and Tiger only supports two. They go so far as to lie about Links 2004 not supporting team games. They claim the putting is “stiff” when in reality it delivers a much more accurate putting simulation than Tiger does. In Tiger a caddy tells you to aim 6 feet past the hole and 4 inches to the right. The challenge is not in actually reading the green it comes from trying to determine the correct distances from the hole to place your aim indicator. You are not judging the break of a green you are simply trying to figure out just where 6 feet back and 4 inches right would be. Links on the other hand actually requires you to take into account the slope of the green.

Look, all you have to know is that Links 2004 offers a significantly better Golf experience than Tiger. Just look at the IGN score of 7.5 versus the reader score of 9.0. So to sum up, IGN are liars and Links 2004 is awesome.

-Gabe out

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