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Gabe / on Mon, Jan 26 2004 at 11:55 pm

Just to clarify, I am not going to start taking Ativan daily to regulate my anxiety. I happen to like being crazy. I am simply taking a couple before my dentist appointment so I don’t piss my drawers.

My four year wedding anniversary is coming up in March and Kara and I would like to take a really nice vacation together. I know one year is paper and I think four years is volcanic rock, so we are thinking probably Hawaii. Anyway I figured I’d check and see if any of you readers out there happen to be travel agents, or maybe you just own a private jet and a giant mansion in Hawaii that you never use. My previously mentioned anxiety tends to keep my feet firmly on the ground and usually within a few miles of my house. I’ve never actually planned a trip like this before so I don’t really know what’s involved. If you are in a position to help us chart a course to the Hawaiian Islands please contact kara

-Gabe out

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