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Gabe / on Fri, Jan 30 2004 at 11:58 pm


I am assuming that you all have been directed to the human beat box video. If not here you go. The guy is totally fucking awesome, no doubt about that. He takes a couple of his bits from a guy named Rahzel though. The “if your mother only knew” part is one example. I’m not saying that’s bad I’m just saying that if you liked what you heard you can find Rahzel all over iTunes.

If you have not seen the “Evening with Kevin Smith” DVD I highly recommend it. I’m convinced the man is a genius. At one point in the DVD he says that if he ever writes a book he’s going to use a quote from Tim Burton for the cover. The quote was something to the effect of “I’d never read anything written by Kevin Smith” I think. Anyway, I found my quote today while reading a thread about our comic projects over at Evil Avatar. So when you see our first comic book on shelves you will be able to turn it over and see a quote on the back that says:

“Tycho and Gabe continue to revolutionize the field of visual storytelling with their latest award winning comic book, which they also won a Nobel peace prize for.”
-USA Today

and then right under that you will see this one:

“…Almost as bad as their lame assed cardboard tube shit.”
-Some internet guy

-Gabe out

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