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Tycho / on Wed, Feb 4 2004 at 8:45 am

You Might Not Be An IGN Insider

And are, therefore, unable to see the reviewer’s response to the thread created by the above post.  Hopefully it won’t displease anyone if I simply re-post it here, for the sake of balance.

I only took the time to read through the first couple pages of this thread, but I want to add my comments about the penny-arcade rant and my seemingly “unjust”/ “unfair” review.


First of all a few facts:

1) I finished the game. I did it over the course of a week and a half—and I spent at least ten hours (majority of the game) playing with people (both from work and those that were casual gamers)

2) I did not hold the fact that it isn’t a FF game against the title—in fact I really only brought it up in the beginning to clarify to anyone that was still expecting it to be a “true” FF. If it’s thought that the exp/magic system was criticized because of prior FF games it wasn’t. It was criticized because when I played it with four other people—we were all annoyed we lost power ups and the “exp/bonus” system can indeed be cruel. Also, you do need to “level up” in the game or you will have a tough time beating the final boss.

The only relevant part of that argument I can see is that I was dispointed that FFCC didn’t have many of Square’s trademarks in it.

3) I didn’t knock the game for connectivity either—even though those that disagreed and agreed with the review thought I did. I noted the difficulty, and the fact that the game didn’t need it, but it didn’t affect my critique of the game’s merits other than the general control. ———————————————————————————

In terms of the details I failed to mention in the review, they don’t affect the gameplay enough to warrant making the review six - eight pages long. Reviews are “critiques” of the game—they aren’t there to tell you every last detail and minute feature. It isn’t a “preview.” Reviews are there to point out what does and doesn’t work.

Yes, you recieve mail. Does it make a whole lot of difference to gameplay? No, not really. Does it tell you anything of the story? Nope. You might occasionally be sent an item, but that’s about the extent of the excitement or usefulness.

Is it true you can go back through dungeons? Sure. Do the dungeons change? Not that I could see (I replayed four of them—and you have to replay them to “level up”). There are new types of enemies (and more of them) and the boss is harder, but overall the layout it the same.

It’s fine that you don’t agree with me. I’d rather you form this opinion after you play the game yourself—and I’d even be pleased if you like it. FFCC is not a bad game, it just isn’t great. The point a want to make, besides for clearing up misconceptions, is that if this were magazine like—there would be no complaints (although I think that if the review was the same text but with a higher rating there also wouldn’t be this rant). EGM often omits details, but it isn’t held to the same criticism as we are due to our format. Yes we can have room to say more, but you must consider if it’s actually worth saying or if you’d actually read a longer review.


Mary Jane Irwin
Editor, IGNcube
She’s a woman. Don’t take her opinions seriously. They are not made for critical thinking.—Yamauchi

I didn’t add that last part, it’s in her sig.  The discussion phase of this game is over, in my opinion - you can play it for yourself next week.


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