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Gabe / on Mon, Feb 16 2004 at 7:33 am


I love UT2K4 but chances are you will never see me online. I play pretty much every day but I play with myself…erm that is to say by myself. I play with bots is what I’m trying to say. There is just no good reason to play with humans. I tried it last night with Tycho and it was alright but I think we spent more time trying to find a server with a decent ping than we did playing. Then during the game I had to put up with people telling me I “suck penis good”. No thanks. When it comes to humans versus robots I’ll take robots every damn day.

I have been playing quite a bit of Champions of Norrath lately. I play it with Kara and I gotta say it sure makes me like FF:CC more. Every time one of us has to do some inventory management shit, the other person is stuck watching them fuck around. The more I play Champions the more I respect Square for having the balls to make the GBA a requirement for FF:CC multiplayer. Champions is a decent game. My only real complaint about it is how boring the characters are. Just look at a dark elf in Champions and then look at a night elf in Warcraft 3. Both companies are drawing from pretty generic fantasy fiction but the artists at Blizzard take shit like elves and dwarves and they really put their fucking stamp on it. The character designs in Champions look like they could have been pulled out of the sketchbook of any high school D&D fan. I don’t think it’s the artists fault. My guess is they aren’t given the same freedom to experiment that the artists at Blizzard have. It’s just a bummer since the rest of the game looks so good.

I just wanted to remind everyone in the Seattle area about the Emerald City Comic Con. It’s true that Tycho and I won’t actually be there since we will be in New Jersey but we will have some very good friends of ours running a booth here in Seattle for us. If you are interested in picking up some PA merchandise, like posters or shirts, be sure and swing by the Emerald City comic con and say hi to our friends.  Of course as soon as we decide to do an east coast con, Stan Sakai decides to come to Seattle. It’s nice to know that while I’m on the other side of the fucking country the greatest artist working in comic books today will be kicking around my home town.

-Gabe out

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