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Tycho / on Mon, Feb 23 2004 at 6:00 pm

New Language Has Been Created!

One of my favorite things about gaming is that it necessitates the creation of many, many terms to describe the scenarios unique to the passtime - and LAN parties are optimal conditions for the production of words.  Every map needs words, every situation must have a sort of “tag” that can be employed to depict the totality of it succinctly.  It has the side-benefit of being internal, secret language, so even if someone hears it they don’t actually know what you’re talking about.

That is particularly helpful at LAN parties where there is a considerable gulf between skill levels, where tension is created and then intensified by successive reamings.  In this case, the CSC - or Cat/String Complex comes into play.  When playing with cats, one must occasionally relinquish the yarn or the creature becomes bored and seeks out other amusements.  The metaphor is particularly apt - you need to throw a game every now and then to maintain morale in your prey.   

You have probably been to LAN parties where - when relating some marvelous thing you had done - there is always somebody who has to say they did what you did, only way better and it was super cool.  That person suffers from TCC, the condition known as Two Clown Complex.  It is derived thusly:  imagine that you will have a clown at your birthday party.  Should this joyous event be overheard by a person in the throes of TCC, they must declare that they will have not one but two clowns, in addition to a bouncy castle. 

An especially humiliating defeat is referred to as a Negative Christmas Event, or NCE - it is distinguished from ordinary holiday revelry by the way it retracts joy and merriment.  Such events are dispensed by a dark Santa who hails from a future without Christmas.


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