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Tycho / on Mon, Mar 1 2004 at 4:30 am

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Ubercon Sketchbook: Epilogue

We love this robot, invented in Las Vegas, so he’s back to help us wrap up the Ubercon.

    Anyone who has seen me walk around an event like this knows that I sort of grin by default - I would say that it felt like a larger Necrowombicon, as both events had a healthy mix of board game and electronic amusements.  The San Diego con is almost too exhausting to enjoy, and I don’t know that the Anime con I went to had a pronounced tabletop gaming contingent - but understand that my passion burns hot for games and game systems in general, the fact that I run a website devoted almost exclusively to their electronic subset is not meant to indicate a preference.  I could just as happily run a site dedicated to some combination of strategy miniatures, collectible cards, and pen and paper RPG’s, but then I’d have to draw it myself.  And if I were drawing it myself, well, I doubt you’d come to visit, and I’d be very lonely indeed.   

There was a room full of consoles over to one side, and I think I went in there maybe four times over the course of the three days.  Gaming PCs, thirty or so, against the back wall?  Maybe in a minute.  As soon as that d6 hits the table, I’m on the case.  I know the sound of it and possess an unusual organ that detects vibrations of that kind.  I wish that I’d had more time to dig into the Munchkin, Warhammer 40k, or Settlers of Catan games they had going, but my focus at this con (like all cons) is to be somewhere easy to find - also, I didn’t bring my Necrons.  They won’t let you fly with fucking nail file, so I’m assuming that evil, interdimensional portals are straight out.     

The highlight of the con (and perhaps my entire life) was the Question and Answer panel on Saturday night.  I know I always get sappy after these events, but you will forgive me for never quite getting used to the warmth and affection we receive.  It’s not something we think of ourselves as deserving, so then when we get it we’re like “Yes, this is the proper level of adulation.”  It has always been that we find the level of your enthusiasm very surprising.

There are points of distinction between myself and what you might call the Tycho Persona.  I don’t write as a different person or anything, it’s not that elaborate, but Tycho can say things with a level of force and assurance that I don’t typically see as my domain.  For several minutes of that session, though - perhaps as many as eight - I felt like the capable person I’m able to project here from time to time.   

(CW)TB out.

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