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Gabe / on Wed, Mar 17 2004 at 6:11 am


Hawk from was cool enough to color the Ninja Gaiden drawing I posted yesterday. He’s got a real nice high res version of it available over on his site for anyone interested in using it as a wallpaper. Hawk does awesome work and it was a real treat to have him color one of my drawings.

So I actually have some pretty big news to share with you all. In about six months Kara and I are going to have a brand new little gamer running around the house. That’s right, as shocking as it may seem someone is actually going to be calling me dad. We don’t know yet if it’s gonna be a boy or a girl but we do plan on finding out. As odd as it sounds I tend to think of you all as one person who is a good friend of mine rather than a few million different people I’ve never met. So I at least wanted to pass along the good news. You probably won’t hear about it again until I have a picture of the kid. It’s not the sort of thing I want to bore you with every day.

Tycho was actually the first person I told. I dropped the news on him and this is what he says to me, “Big fucking deal, any jackass can do that.”

So apparently I’m required to sit around and act interested while he describes the various problems his cat has while shitting in their new robotic litter box. However, when I create a human life I’m supposed to keep it to myself.

-Gabe out

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