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Tycho / on Fri, Mar 26 2004 at 9:45 am

MPxual Healing

Man, don’t tell me this stuff right now.  I had basically broken up with the phone, and now you’re telling me that the phone wants to get back together.

I follow news about Windows Mobile devices in a professional capacity as well as an enthusiast, and I wanted to note that your pricing comment about the forthcoming MPx - while frequently echoed around the Internet - is not necessarily correct. Reports are that MPx will cost the *equivalent* of $900 in Germany, but often pricing in Europe differs from that in the US (you can’t just use the exchange rate between euros and dollars and assume that’s the price here). Also, and perhaps more importantly, the price of “$900” is *without subsidy* from a carrier. It’s not unusual to see discounts of $150-$200 from carriers, based on the unsubsidized cost - witness Motorola’s popular MPX-200 Smartphone which launched last fall, and went from almost $200 to $0 within a few months. Yes, this does require you to sign up for a new contract, but hey, the MPx probably won’t ship for another six to eight months anyway, so it’s likely your contract will be up by then anyway, right?  ; )

My best guess, based on the general industry pricing model in the past, is that you’ll be able to get an MPx for between $500 and $600. Not cheap, but definitely competitive with existing PDA/phone offerings. And yes, it is just about the coolest device I’ve ever seen!


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