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Gabe / on Wed, Apr 7 2004 at 8:54 am


I’ve gotten some mail from people asking if the shadownet spies in the multiplayer portion of

Splinter Cell:PT can do Sam’s signature split jump. The quick answer is, yes they can. I

snapped these pics last night.

The problem seems to be that none of the levels are really designed with this in mind. There are only a few places where the split jump can be performed. Not only that but only two or three of these spots actually offer any strategic benefit to performing the move. I’m assuming ubisoft will eventually release some new maps for SC:PT multiplayer. I’d like to see them designed in such a way that the spies have more opportunities to use this awesome move.

I’m totally hooked on the multiplayer game. I haven’t even touched the single player. I’m sure it’s fine but I just can’t pull myself away from the Spy vs. Merc action long enough to try it. I’m not saying I’m the best SC:PT player ever but I have learned a few things that I thought I’d share with you guys. I hope these tips help some of you out.

Playing as the Spy:

-while running towards a wall, double tap “Y” just before you reach it in order to perform the wall run. This will make the spy sprint up the wall in front of you. If there is a ledge above you he’ll grab onto it and you can then pull yourself up. If there’s no ledge he will do a backwards summersault off the wall. Some people have questioned the usefulness of this second maneuver. If you are able to do it just right you can kick off the wall and land on the head of a perusing merc. This will kill the merc and make you look like a total fucking bad ass.

-Spy cams can be used as offensive weapons. Don’t think of them as cameras that you can use for reconnaissance. Think of them as tiny gas bullets that you can launch at patrolling mercs. Fire one at a merc and quickly hit the “A” button to release the gas.

-Shocking the mercs is always fun but try aiming for their face. A direct head shot with your shock rifle will actually short out their helmet and turn off their HUD. For the merc this means he loses his radar, his ammo and health indicators along with the ability to see the status of any capture points or alarms. It’s super disorienting and it takes a while for the helmet to reset itself.

-When you have a merc in a choke hold you can talk to them by holding down the white button. This is fun but a better strategy is to knock them out (right shoulder button) or snap their neck (A button) as quick as you can. The reason is that a talented merc will yell out to his partner the second he’s been grabbed and alert him to his location. You don’t want to give them the time to do this. As to whether you should snap their neck or just nock them out, well each one has it’s advantages. If you kill a merc, he will re-spawn again with all his mines and gear. This makes your job more difficult since now you need to deal with even more defense. There are certainly times when killing him is the right move but think strategically. Sometimes a little nap is all they need.

-Your different vision modes are useful but don’t rely on them too much. A smart merc who uses his EMF mode will see you coming from a mile away. The EMF tracking mode can pick you up even through ceilings, thin walls or vents. Use your vision modes in short bursts. On and then off again real quick is the key to staying hidden. If you see a merc’s visor go blue that means he has switched to EMF mode. Your best bet is to go totally dark and not use any of your gear until he passes.

-The most important thing though is communication with your teammate. You really need to coordinate your attacks and work together. Try setting it up so that you are both disarming different bombs at the same exact time. Cause distractions to take some heat off your teammate if he is in a tight spot. By firing an alarm snare at one of the many sensors in each level you can trigger an alarm without exposing yourself to any real danger.

Wow that was longer than I expected. I’ll to my tips for the merc side later.

-Gabe out

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