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Gabe / on Fri, Apr 9 2004 at 6:07 am

WarioWare Inc.

I picked up WarioWare for the Cube this week and it is totally awesome. Essentially it’s all the same games you remember from the GBA version, only now you compete with up to three other people to see who’s the micro-game master. I’ll give you an example of how one of the game modes works.

Picture a large television set with a bicycle pump next to it. On top of the TV is a balloon. Each player takes turns playing a micro-game on the TV while the other player uses the pump to inflate the balloon. If you win your micro-game you switch off and now it’s your turn to pump. If you lose you have to keep playing games until you win, all the while your friend is franticly pumping away. The player stuck playing a game on the television when the balloon finally pops, looses. It sounds simple but even with only two people it’s a total blast.

Other modes allow you to run around the screen in an effort to distract your friend while they try and complete the games. Or a doctor who tells you that you have to do certain things like wiggle or yawn while you play a game and then your friends have to vote on how well you followed the doctors instructions. It’s an excellent party game and defiantly worth picking up since most places are selling it for just $29.99.

I also picked up Resident Evil: Outbreak last Monday. I’d love to tell you how it is, but it’s still loading the first level.

-Gabe out

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