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Gabe / on Mon, Apr 12 2004 at 11:50 pm


I promised I would deliver some tips for playing the merc side in Splinter Cell: PT multiplayer. So here you go:


-Try to mix up the kinds of mines you use. Throw in more laser mines whenever possible. A good trick is to place a laser mine at eye level directly above the terminal. A spy will see it and crouch in order to sneak up on the device. However when he starts to deactivate it he will automatically stand up, breaking the laser and blowing himself up.

-Don’t place your mines directly on the devices. Instead place mines along the paths that you think the spies will take in order to reach the devices.

-If a spy drops a smoke grenade in front of you switch to motion tracking. Also use the “A” button while moving forward to charge through the smoke. By charging you can get through a pocket of smoke without passing out.

-During close range combat switch to motion tracking. This will help you keep track of the spy and make sure he doesn’t get around behind you. Also, the spy’s flash bangs have no effect on you when you are using one of your enhanced vision modes. Also switch to your tazer since grenades at this range are useless.

-If you happen to see a spy choking your partner you can zoom in and deliver a head shot to the spy and kill him. It’s a tricky maneuver but it can be done.

-You and your partner should each have certain points that are your responsibility. For instance, in the Hospital one Merc should watch the upstairs while the other guards the bottom floor. Stay in constant communication. Always keep your partner informed about your situation. Do you have a spy on your floor? Do you know for a fact that both spies are on your floor? Did you see a spy run towards your partner’s floor? This is the sort of information you need to constantly be sharing with your teammate.

-It is important to understand how the “hearing” works as merc. Your targeting reticle is broken up into four quadrants that can be lit up as well as have an arrow placed over them. A glowing quadrant is telling you what floor you hear something on while the arrow is telling you what direction. Let’s say for example that on your reticle you see the upper quadrant light up and an arrow appears in the bottom quadrant. This tells you that you are hearing something behind you, on the floor above you. Be sure and alert your teammate to noises you hear coming from his floors. Also take note that you cannot “hear” anything when using the laser.

-If you’re grabbed by a spy your first instinct needs to be to call out your position to your teammate. No matter what kind of bullshit the spy is whispering into your ear you need to alert your partner of exactly where you are and what’s about to go down.

-It is important to have a solid understanding of each level from the point of view of the spy. The better you understand the various routes in and out of a map the better you can defend those points.

-Gabe out

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