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Tycho / on Fri, Apr 23 2004 at 8:35 pm

City Of Etcetera

I’m at the con goofing around on a borrowed laptop, and I saw some things that might interest you.

Hitting up Evil Avatar, I saw that NCSoft would be showing off City of Villains at E3 - that’s right, City of Villains.  The brief note at Gamespot mentions something about building your evil organization, which seems to imply a somewhat different gameplay experience.  I guess we’ll know in a couple weeks.

Some readers felt that I gave City of Heroes short shrift when I discussed it before, because I did not mention the rich story arcs that will surely exist in the retail version.  Presumably they were talking about special events like the one they closed out the beta with - where alien beings descended in great ships from space.  Saw that one on Evil Avatar, too.  I’m all for special events, and goodness knows I’m even into stories.  However, I’m also into playing games and I call them like I see them.

That Gamespot article also mentioned another NCSoft game to be shown at E3, the NetDevil developed Auto Assault, which sounds like a Car Wars-y Massive vehicle battle thing.  Game like that’s been along time comin’. 


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