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Tycho / on Fri, Apr 30 2004 at 9:45 am

The Flavor Dimension

I’ve mentioned Codename: Panzers with enthusiasm on more than one occasion - Panzers, with its RTS/RPG hybrid gameplay and fancy multiplayer modes.  I just saw on VE3D that there’s a demo available for the game - not sure what features are included, might be fun to take the full co-op for a spin.

Oh, and something else I’ve wanted to mention.  I called Full Spectrum Warrior my favorite game of the last show, which was a tough call because Starcraft: Ghost has an intangible magic which permeates it.  I feel secure in my ultimate decision, though - I just wanted to comment on one of the screenshots that was released.  You can click on it to see a larger version, if you want. 

I saw this in an early build I had no right seeing.  It didn’t look anywhere near as good as what we’ll be getting at retail - but this vision blur was there.  It basically lets you know where a soldier’s attention is focused in a really intuitive way.  It’s something I thought was neat.  Another thing, in the version that Pandemic gave the Army your soldiers swear like sailors.  I mean, all the time.  They’re professional, but they’re there to do a fucking job and they let you know that.


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