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Gabe / on Mon, May 3 2004 at 6:37 am

my news post

There is a Pandora Tomorrow Xbox 2v2 Tournament advertised over at Clan World Network. I’ve actually never heard of the site bepore and the rules for the tournament make it seem like they have no idea what the fuck they are doing. This is from their website:

“The Matches will be played with the neutralization game mode and 2 of the same map played twice. The team that hosts will let the other team pick the side they want to play. Then the teams will alternate. A Team wins by doing any of the objectives or killing the other team.”

That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. We’re organizing our own SC tournament for PAX and it’s actually not an easy game to devise a set of tournament rules for. The problem is that it’s very likely that in a Neutralization game, set to revenge mode the mercs could win both rounds. So if each team wins as mercs and loses as spies, how do you decide who won the game?

One way is to give the game to whichever team neutralized the most points as spies. It’s possible that the mercs could totally shut out the spies in both rounds though. So do you just keep playing game after game until one team is able to neutralize a point as spies? It says on the site that a team wins by “doing any of the objectives”. What the hell does that mean? 

Obviously I’m interested in a huge SC tournament over Live, and honestly I already signed my team up. I’d just like it if they come out with some rules that make a little more sense.

It’s true that I really loved the Front Mission 4 demo. I credit Disgaea for actually getting me in to the turn based strategy genre. From there I went right in to FF:tactics and at that point there was no turning back. Something Tycho didn’t really hit on is the new combo system in the game. You will see blue lines stretching out from each Wanzer to the other Wanzers it’s connected to. Any unit connected to the attacking Wanzer by a blue line has the opportunity to join in the attack, assuming it’s within range and has enough AP. With some planning and careful placement op your units on the battlefield, you can set up some devastating linked attacks. The same sets of rules apply to defense as well. This means that linked Wanzers can often join in counter attacks. The whole system is really intuitive once you see it.

I saw Man on Fire this weekend and it was awesome. You should go see it.

-Gabe out

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