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Gabe / on Fri, May 7 2004 at 7:47 am

La Pucelle is shit hot!

I was finally able to get my hands on a copy of La Pucelle yesterday. It’s totally fucking awesome just like I had hoped. The purification system is a real treat to play around with. Essentially there are flowing paths of energy that crisscross a given map. They emanate from dark portals and they come in varying colors, each of which has an elemental alignment. By “purifying” the square from which these paths of energy flow you can destroy the entire path. Any creature on the path will then take damage as the path he’s on explodes. A creature resting on a yellow square for example will take lighting damage if you purify the point at which the yellow path begins. That’s pretty fucking cool but that’s just the beginning. You can divert the paths and re-direct them towards enemies. Enemies can block the paths. Different colors of paths can be combined to create new colors with all new effects. Oh, and if you create a huge circle that surrounds a group of enemies and then you destroy it, you will cause a “miracle”. That’s when a huge God comes down and destroys your enemies with a screen filling super move.

My head is spinning just trying to remember all the cool stuff you can do. Anyway, there’s tons more hot shit in La Pucelle, but you should just go play it. Visually it’s a real treat and just like Disgaea is pretty damn funny. I have a feeling most places didn’t order as many copies as they probably should have, so I’d hit up your local game store ASAP.

-Gabe out

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