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Tycho / on Mon, May 24 2004 at 7:16 pm


There’s probably another day worth of Nintendo stuff, believe it or not - but I wanted to throw in a plug for Gish.

Chronic Logic has a number of games, very fun games, you’re probably familiar with their line of cult-status bridge building sims already - Bridge Construction Set, its predecessor Pontifex, maybe even their collaborate effort, the nVidia specific Bridge It.  They did the intriguing puzzler Triptych as well as Word Peace, which matches their physics engine to word scramble gameplay.  Rowrr.

The line you can trace through their catalogue is that they sew (what I believe is) a homegrown physics engine into different genres, and thus far the results validate the method.  So, what about this - how about combining a full physical simulation with a platformer?  It can be tricky to get a grip on your sentient little ball of tar at first - they recommend a gamepad for this purpose, and it’s worth finding that old Sidewinder in the closet and dusting it off.  A few minutes in, you’ll have had an opportunity to see the game’s unique character and see the surprisingly adept animation and foe design.  They have a free demo and everything, you don’t need to take my word for it.  I’d really rather you didn’t, actually.  Just go download the Goddamn thing. 


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