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Gabe / on Fri, May 28 2004 at 4:02 pm


I got 2000 emails about the Twisp and Catsby print in less than two days. I think it’s safe to say you guys want them. Let me try and answer some of the questions I got regarding how it might work.

How big will they be?

The prints will probably be in the neighborhood of 16x24.

How many will you make?

Right now I’m thinking 500 to 1000

How much are these fuckers going to cost?

I’m not exactly sure yet but I’d guess between $50 and $75

Will you make more when they run out?

No. Let me break down exactly what a limited edition print is. I’m an idiot for not explaining this in my last post.

Limited-edition prints are very high quality reproductions of original paintings or drawings, produced in strictly limited quantities by specialty printing firms under contract to a fine arts publisher. The edition is printed, with input and final approval by the artist, on high quality acid-free archival paper. Each individual print is hand-signed and numbered by the artist. The publisher of a limited-edition supplies a Certificate of Authenticity with each print, certifying the number of prints in the edition and confirming that the plates and negatives used in printing the edition have been destroyed and no more prints will ever be produced, thus making the edition limited. An edition of 500 prints would be considered relatively small; an edition of 1,500, large. When all prints in a limited edition are sold, continuing demand usually causes the print value to appreciate - often substantially.

Essentially what we’d be making here are highly collectible (perhaps eventually valuable) pieces of Penny Arcade art. These are certainly not going to be for everyone. I promise that we’ll keep making posters with all the characters you want. But for some people, owning a limited edition print could be a real treat. I know I personally have a couple from artists whose work I appreciate.

When can I get one?

I plan on having two prints available for unveiling by the San Diego comic con in July. After the con they should be available via the online store.

If I don’t get one I’ll come to your fucking house and kill you while you sleep.

This isn’t really a question, but it popped up enough that I felt like I should comment on it. Judging by the incredible response I got it seems to me like a line of Penny Arcade limited edition prints is in order. I promise that we will have multiple designs with various characters and assuming they continue to be popular, I’d like to see us release a few new ones each year. I think they would make really nice collectibles.

-Gabe out

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