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Tycho / on Wed, Jul 14 2004 at 8:51 pm

WoW Contest Winners

I’ll make these things presentable soon, but I wanted to let the winners know the extent of their good fortune.

It was odd how virtually every mail seemed to fall into a handful of discrete categories - so I simply chose a representative from each genre.  Lepas, for example, created a comic strip which detailed his teen-aged tribulations.  Cole Donavan took the top prize in a very popular category, the manipulation of Baby Photos.  I have seen a cornucopia of strange ears over the course of this contest, but I found Lorelei’s ears to be the most eldritch.  Leafy McTreeFace is clearly a Night Elf, not an Orc, and I don’t know why anyone would come to the opposite conclusion.   

Matthew Calvin produced extremely compelling Yearbook evidence of his graduation during our ninteen-fifties.  Samual Deats provided a self portrait which I found marvelous - Matt Dahl’s was also excellent, for a different reason.  J. Eberly delivered a family pictorial going back over a hundred years, detailing his lineage with a variety of (genuine, I’m sure) historical photos. 

Unable to keep it inside, Ben and his Wayfinders could not help but burst into song.  Anderson Nichols employed a video camera, securing assurances from friends and neighbors regarding his Night Elven blood.  Gordon Rowe dallied with Flash to create a heartwarming tale of unlikely elven love. 

Prince Isseshur assured me that were I to help him, a portion of his holdings in Lordaeron - a sum equalling more than 10000 Gold - was mine for the taking, and I must admit that pure avarice took over in that case as I’m terribly enthusiastic about precious metals.  Wrapping it up, Jayce Purvis cooked up my favorite of the fiction entries.   

At any rate, I’ve passed all your contact info along to Blizzard - so it’s only a matter of time before you receive that most precious of missives, your unique key.  Congratulations. 


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