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Tycho / on Fri, Aug 6 2004 at 5:30 am

Games at PAX

Okay, I have the final lists of the Microsoft and Ubisoft games you’ll be able to check out at PAX.  You will understand how a person could get excited:

  • On the Microsoft front, it’s pretty significant.  As I mentioned before, Forza Motorsport will be there, and playable, in the multimonitor form the media saw at E3.  Everything else I’m about to mention - everything - is in a newer or more complete state than was available at the expo.  So, that means that the Jade Empire you play there will be newer.  The Fable you play there will be very near to the complete version.  More recent, playable versions of Kameo and Conker multiplayer will be there as well, along with the excellent Mechassault 2: Lone WolfDungeon Siege 2 would be on display as well, as I understand it.  Not a bad list.

  • Ubisoft is bringing out some big guns as well - you’ll be able to play the sequel to Ghost Recon, Ghost Recon, um…  2, play some Myst 4: Revelations if you like, and Ubisoft is also hosting a Rainbow Six:  Black Arrow tournament.  You’ll be able to see some live demos that will essentially pummel you unconscious, though - Brothers in Arms will be there, which I think you’ll come away from impressed.  You’ll be able to see Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory as well, running on the Xbox.  You’ll note that I’ve been suspiciously silent on the topic of SC3, a game that many people said was the best thing at E3.  Let me be frank:  once you’ve seen it, there’s no way to talk about the game objectively.  I didn’t even try.  The only way to explain it is just to let you see it for yourself, which is something you can do at PAX.     


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