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Tycho / on Wed, Sep 29 2004 at 4:30 am

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An All Star Cast

People who are fanatically devoted to eviscerating miscreants should investigate Raven’s X-Men: Legends.  If they are unable to bring the full four players to bear, however, they need to be prepared for the fact that sometimes Cyclops is going to bite it and it’s not my fault.  Bragging about your full retinue isn’t going to help us battle the Brotherhood of Evil Fucking Mutants.  That breaks unit cohesion, man.  And units need that shit.

It’s the “brawler + leveling” scenario iterated in the Dark Alliance series or Hunter, the sort of thing that makes maintaining three otherwise exhausting friendships occasionally worthwhile.  The graphics are serviceable at best, but the character progression has some nice touches and the roster is pretty robust.  Far be it from me to associate numerical values with human experiences but reviews in the neighborhood of 8.0 seem about right to me. 

I posted it very late, but it’s possible that you saw it already:  Valve’s Gabe Newell has made the purchase options for Half-Life 2 a matter of public record.  The “subscription” option suggested last year around this time seems to have evaporated.  Outside of that, there’s a couple things that draw the eye. 

One, while there are currently no retail options that include Day of Defeat: Source - a game we could reasonably have assumed was in development - there are fully two Steam options which include it.  We don’t know how much those options actually cost, but it seems like even odds you’re better off getting it this way than buying it down the road when it hits retail or emerges in Steam.  That’s just my belief, and it’s not based on anything.  Well, except common fucking sense. 

Two, and this is the big one, take a look at those asterisks that denote which items will be available when Half-Life 2 is released, and which ones you’ll be able to play immediately.  Interesting, huh?

You’ve probably heard of the legal issues between Vivendi Universal and Valve, and if your experience was anything like mine, everything but the portion dealing with a possible delay of the release appeared as indecipherable dog language.  This is the kind of he said/she said dirty laundry bullshit that I find extremely tiresome.  At any rate, this is what it boils down to, tactically:  Vivendi Universal is absolutely welcome to delay the release out of spite or whimsy or whatever else.  Maybe they’re right, maybe they’re wrong.  Vivendi wouldn’t be the first aggressive, overbearing publisher and Valve wouldn’t be the first artist willing to bilk their patron: I don’t care, and it’s not relevant to the matter at hand.  Immediate access to the new Counter-Strike is an extremely powerful incentive to try Steam.  Every moment the release is held back, you have to picture one more person thinking, well, you know…  I would prefer to buy at retail, but I could be playing Counter-Strike: Source right now...     

Digital delivery, man.  It just freaks these people out.

Imagine that you had to go to a well every time you wanted water.  Then, somebody figured out a way to get the water to come out right inside your house!  I don’t blame them for being scared.  Progress is a bitch. 

(CW)TB out.

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