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Gabe / on Wed, Nov 3 2004 at 7:13 pm

Check Disk

I’m getting a lot of positive mail about today’s comic strip. It’s nice to see that Mr. Period has so many fans. Don’t forget you can show your love for him and the rest of the bad boys of punctuation with our “Adventures in Grammar” shirt. We even have one for the ladies.

If you haven’t checked it out for a few days be sure and hit up the Child’s Play site. You can see we broke 50k in donations already. We also have a list of partners who have agreed to donate a portion of their profits to Child’s Play. So be sure to visit their stores and help them help us help the kids. We also have a big charity dinner coming up in December. Just like every other charity we’ll be hosting a formal dinner and auction with all the proceeds going to Child’s Play. We’re going to have original video game related artwork from famous comic book artists as well as awesome stuff from companies like Valve, Nintendo and Wizards of the Coast.  Tycho and I will be the MC’s for the evening which should be a blast. It will be the first time since my wedding that I’ve worn a tuxedo. We’ll drop more information on you as we get closer to the event.

Also check out our Halo 2 ads. It’s funny because we talked to Bungie about it months ago and originally they wanted the ads to say “Remember that shitty game Halo?  Well this is the Sequel.” We thought that was fucking awesome but unfortunately the Microsoft PR machine didn’t agree and so we ended up with pretty standard Halo 2 ads. I’m still proud to be advertising it anyway. Tycho’s played a lot more of it than I have but we both agree it’s going to be a Halo killer.

******* UPDATE*******

I didn’t mean to get your hopes up about the Halo 2 ads. I didn’t draw them or anything. They are just your basic Halo 2 ads like you’d see on any other site. They were up for a couple days but now they won’t be up again until Nov. 9th. When you see them, please do us a favor and give them a click. We always need to convince big companies like this of what we can do before they let us go crazy. We ran some pretty lame ads for Ubisoft in the beginning and now we’re doing full color comic books. Hopefully if these Halo 2 ads perform well for MS they will start to give us more creative freedom. I know I’d love a shot at a Halo 2 comic.

-Gabe out

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