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Gabe / on Mon, Nov 22 2004 at 11:10 pm

Child’s Play

I got this letter from a reader named Michael this morning, and I just wanted to share it with you guys.

I’m sure you get a lot of worthless thank-you e-mails constantly,
but I felt like I needed to let you know how great of a thing you are
doing for all those sick kids.

  February of this year I was diagnosed with leukemia, and due to
  age (I was 19 at the time), they decided to treat me using the
  children protocol.  Well, I’ve spent a great deal of the last
  pissed off more than I ever thought I could be, and not even at
  fact that I got sick.  It was that all these kids who were
  old enough to ride bikes or write were dealing with
  disease.  Every time I went to the hospital for my treatments it
broke my heart to see a child in pain.

  The kids who stay in these hospitals have absolutely nothing to   entertain themselves.  At the University of Michigan Hospital where   I was treated, there was one N64 with Banjo Kazooie and Mario   Tennis, not exactly the most extensive library of games.  These sick kids absolutley love playing the games while they are being treated, though.  As I watched them play with game boys and smile genuine smiles it hit me just what a great thing the Child’s Play Drive you ran last year was.  I donated last year, and I’ve given this year as well.  I’m trying to get as many people to help as I can, because what you are organizing and running is undoubtedly what I consider the most important thing that happens all year now.

Just an update on the Michael’s condition, he has finished his eight months of intensive chemo and now he’s just in maintinence. He says the cancer has been in remission for a while and he’ll be going back to school next semester. We wish him the best and we appreciate the letter.

-Gabe out

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