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Gabe / on Fri, Dec 17 2004 at 7:58 pm


Tycho mentioned Kiko earlier and I just wanted to let everyone know that he has two brand new designs available. I know you can buy video game shirts from a bunch of different websites now but Gameskins is special. I like Kiko’s stuff because his designs are so fucking solid. I mean honestly I’d hang some of his stuff on my wall if he made prints. Any jackass with Photoshop can take the mushroom from Mario and slap it on a Shirt. Kiko’s work is original and powerful and that’s why I love it. Anyway check out his new Blood Code shirt as well as his Fighter91 Tee.

I’d like to thank Slashdot for hosting today’s comic strip as well as the cover for the project. We got hammered yesterday thanks to a big article in the New York Times. The server is still limping along as I write this, so if you’re having trouble seeing the comic you can hit Slashdot. I wonder if we can Wang Slashdot?

I’m getting ready for my trip back home to Spokane for the holidays. I’ve packed a bag full of stuff to keep me occupied in that wasteland of a city. I’ve got KOTOR, which I’m about four hours into and very evil. I’ve got the new Kingdom Hearts for the GBA which I’m only about an hour into but already love and I’ve got the newest Star Wars book, Republic Commando: Hard Contact which I am sure will be a pile of shit but hey its Star Wars. With all this stuff I should be able to fend off boredom as well as avoid interacting with my family for at least five days. “Merry Christmas, I’ll be in my room.”

Hey Tycho, did you know the new Kingdom Hearts game on the GBA is card based? Usually you tell me about every game that has anything even close to a card based battle system but I never heard you talk about this one. Well in KH not only is the combat based on cards but you actually construct the world map and its levels with cards. I’m telling you man, if you played this you’d shit yourself and then pass out. 

-Gabe out

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