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Gabe / on Wed, Jan 19 2005 at 5:00 am


Thank you for mailing me and letting me know what you think of the prints. A few people had problems with bending during transit but Think Geek is taking care of those cases. Overall it seems like everyone was blown away by the print once they got it. Pictures really don’t do it justice. The laser etching process gives the whole image a sort of glow that is really awesome. I’m really glad that everyone who got one is pleased with the final product. As always we learned a lot from this first limited edition print and we’re going to change some things next time.

We’ve decided that since the demand is obviously there, we’ll go ahead and do three limited edition prints each year. We’re also planning on bumping the print run up to around 750. In addition we’ll give you a lot more notice before the prints go live and maybe even break them up into groups that are sold over the course of a few days to give people on other sides of the planet a chance to get one. Pretty much all these ideas came in from readers which I appreciate.

I know a lot of you were upset that you weren’t able to get your hands on this T&C print. We’re considering releasing it as a regular poster. This would allow those of you who are simply fans of the artwork to still get the chance to hang it up on your wall. I’ll keep you guys posted and let you know if we end up running with that idea. Also we still have forty nine prints that will be available at the Emerald City comic con.. My guess is that there might be someone willing to take orders via the forum and then pick up a few for people who can’t make it down. All I ask is that if your planning on doing something like this, please don’t gouge people on the price. I don’t mind if you want to take a little extra for your trouble but please don’t get crazy.  We are going to break them up and offer half of them on the first day of the con and then the rest on the second day of the con. It will be first come first serve on both days. The numbers we have available are 2 through 49. Obviously if you want a lower number you’ll want to be at our booth early on the first day.

Like I said we plan on doing more of these prints this year. You can expect the next print around the time of the San Diego comic con in July. It looks like that will probably be a Gabe and Tycho print along with a few supporting characters perhaps. Then the next one will be out later in the fall and my guess is that print will be the CTS.

In other news, Gabe is four months old now and doing great. He’s actually turning into a little person now with a personality and everything.

What people don’t tell you is that when they are born they really aren’t babies. What you get at the beginning is a screaming, flailing shit machine. After a few months they start to turn into something more closely resembling a human being.

-Gabe out

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