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Gabe / on Fri, Jan 28 2005 at 5:00 am

you guys are great

Speaking of Legal prickwaving I have a funny story that I forgot to share with you guys. You might remember a while back I mentioned that there was an issue between me and a local radio program called the BJ Shea show. You can read all my posts from that day right here if you’d like. Essentially one of the companies doing PR for Child’s Play set up an interview with this guy and then forgot to tell me about it until it was too late. I called up and apologized but the guy was a real jerk to me.Then he said a bunch of bullshit about me on his show and eventually I called up and we yelled at each other, which I thought was super fun. Kara said you could hear me screaming like three rooms away “YOU’RE NOT EVEN DRIVE TIME!”

I figured the entire thing was over until later that night when I was sitting at home and my phone rang. It turns out it was the station manager for 100.7 the BUZZ and he was pissed. He asked me if I had ever heard of slander or defamation of character. I honest to God started laughing at him at this point, I mean obviously he had no idea who I was. So I ask him if he’s talking about the stuff I said about BJ on my website (I implied that he was ugly) and he says yes. He tells me it needs to come down immediately or else the next call I got would be from his lawyers. I reminded him that on air BJ said that I was a woman and a lazy fleece wearing hippy who played too much Xbox. His response was that there is a fine line there and BJ knows how to walk it. He told me that our readers (that’s you guys) were not only flooding the station with hate mail but you were actually CC’ing their advertisers as well. He told me he was getting twenty new emails every couple of minutes. HAHA, you guys are awesome. So Once I stopped laughing again I explained that he should have his lawyers contact us because I wasn’t taking it down. He got pretty flustered and I explained the post would come down on Monday regardless just because that’s the way our site works. He was not pleased with having to wait all weekend but his bluff had been called and there really wasn’t anything he could do.

I’m pretty sure he told BJ not to mention us anymore because we actually listened to his show on Monday and he just talked about poker and boobs.  Honestly BJ, I have nothing against you. In fact I hope one day you can realize your dream of marrying Tom Leykis and having his children. Oh and tell your secretary JJ, no hard feelings. 

Gabe out

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