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Tycho / on Mon, Feb 14 2005 at 4:30 am

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Internal Dialogues

Gabriel routinely subverts my expectations.  We have been kicking it for night on twelve years now, and for whatever reason I believe those measured words of erudition are always right around the corner.

I often worry about how vociferously I support something, but to a certain extent I only have two settings - I love something until I squeeze the life out of it or I crucify it.  I thought I might switch up my flow and begin delivering reasoned discourse for a brief period, but when I thought about the work that would go into sanding down my ill-formed opinions I knew immediately this course was never realistic.  Where this is going is that I was very excited about something, and it is entirely possible that I was able to excite you by proxy, and now it appears I must retract my vigor in its entirety and I want to make sure it’s clear to all involved.

The Motorola MPx was a device I was determined to own, and the certitude of this conviction was so firm one could rest a drink on it without fear.  I had imagined myself downtown, where the WiMax lives, making regular calls or Skyping wirelessly as I saw fit, this inherent dynamism informing the rest of my life.  I was determined not to hear the very real issues with the device, creeping like condensation up the cool glass of its potential.  But there were things.     

The device was initially supposed to hit in the fall, and I am so glad it was not delivered at the apex of my affections because I might have trampled a man in my ardor.  The long and short of it is that the device is significantly underpowered, has insufficient RAM, and the battery lasts for just over ten minutes.  There was a special, high capacity battery I saw for it once, but when you held it against your face the extra bulk made it look like you were trying to call your mom on an ice chest.  All this information is available in this BengalBoy HowardForums post.  It was the same poster, in fact, who made the original post that initially brought me so much pleasure.  It’s possible he felt the need to counter his previous statements as well.

After my sensual initial dance with the device, I felt like it was kind of my responsibility to provide the information on the retail machine.  I really want to avoid being the AM radio nutritional supplement guy (“Dr. Greg Senamone”) whose proclamations are never held to account. 

(CW)TB out.

i want to be in lub for real

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