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Gabe / on Wed, Mar 30 2005 at 10:08 am

I hear your cries

So the mail I’ve been getting is telling me that you would rather the next limited edition print be of the CTS. What I am considering doing is using the drawing of Gabe and Tycho I posted yesterday for a new poster instead of the next print. I’m going to work on a CTS drawing this week, so hopefully I’ll have something to show you soon.

Our entire eight page Brothers in Arms comic is now online and ready for the reading. I’m really proud of this project and I hope that you guys like is as much as we do.

You can also read page 11 of our spy training manual. If you grab the collectors edition of Chaos Theory you will actually get all 12 pages right there on the disk. In fact if you look at the back of the box it says Penny Arcade right there. I know we’ve had our stuff featured in a couple products like this but it’s still a rush every time I look at a strategy guide or the back of a game box and see our logo.

Sakuracon is coming up quick and we’ll of course be there along side our friends Sweet Kitty. We actually have about a dozen of the limited edition Twisp and Catsby prints left that we’ll be selling there. I’d recommend getting there early on the first day if you want to snag one of those. We’ll also have brand new Penny Arcade stickers for you. We have a nice big logo sticker as well as a Gabe and Tyco sticker that are perfect for sticking on your car or your locker or a motorcycle. I can’t say for sure yet but we might also have something that you all have been waiting a long fucking time for. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that they show up in time and are in good condition. I’ll let you know soon.

Connecticon recently announced a plan to entice webcomics to attend their convention. Here is the breakdown of their system. Incase you aren’t familiar with website traffic jargon, UIP stands for unique IP address.

1,000+ UIP/Day - free 3-Day membership to ConnectiCon 2005.

5,000+ UIP/Day - free Artist’s Colony Space (includes a 3-Day membership).

10,000+ UIP/Day - free Artist’s Colony Table (includes two 3-Day memberships)

25,000+ UIP/Day - free Artist’s Colony Table, Green Room access and some help with travel expenses (gas, tolls) and depending on available space a place to sleep and shower.

50,000+ UIP/Day - free Dealer’s Room Booth, four 3-Day memberships, Green Room access, all travel expenses and 4-Nights hotel accommodations (Thursday - Sunday).

On Monday we had 518,650 unique IP’s. I expect scantily clad ladies to feed me foreign delicacies while trained elephants dance around my golden throne.

Oh wait, that’s the same week as San Diego comic-con so we’ll have to pass. Maybe you guys could just send me my elephant in the mail.

-Gabe out

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