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Gabe / on Wed, Apr 6 2005 at 10:52 pm

Update to book situation

I should have made some things more clear in my last post.

Let me answer some questions.

When I said this book would never be printed again I meant this book specifically. We did not regain the publishing rights to our work until just a few weeks ago. That’s why there have been no other PA books. Now that we can make books, trust me we will. However they will not be this book. We’ll be announcing a deal with a new publisher very soon and it’s one that you all know and like. So fear not, more books are on the way and they will be sold online and in stores and all over the fucking place.

This book you see here was published nearly five years ago. What arrived at our office today was what was left of that initial printing. These are not new books that we just made. We aren’t putting them online simply because we don’t have that many. Twenty crates of books is not that many when you have hundreds of thousands of people that want them. Also, like I mentioned before we’ll be publishing all new collections of our comics through a big time publisher. We’ll be making all new compilations of all our material including year one.

Trust me, I know that if we sold books online they’d go like hot cakes and now that we have the rights back we have every intention of doing that.

Everyone wants to know the details of our legal battle over the book rights and believe me I wish I could tell you. All I can say is it’s over now and part of deal is that I can’t talk about what went down. We actually wrote a three comic storyline that told the entire story but it didn’t make it past our lawyer. We have no desire to get into anymore trouble so unfortunately all I can say is that we got our books back and our rights back and we’re happy with the outcome.

Tons of people want these books but can’t make it to Sakuracon. What we need are a few industrious readers who will be coming to Sakuracon and who are willing to help these people out. Here is the official “I want a book thread”. I don’t mind if you take a bit extra for your trouble but I’d ask that you please not take advantage of the situation.

-Gabe out

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