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Tycho / on Mon, May 2 2005 at 4:16 pm

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  • We were able to convince Ubisoft to return this year, and I’d imagine their showing this year will include a cross section of the things they’ve announced for E3 - and if we’re lucky, maybe an early peek at some of the Christmas stuff.

  • and

  • Bawls is back, which means that young men will be able to drink 27 of them over the course of just a couple hours, and partake in a kind of Spirit Journey just as they did last year that involves a lot of sweating, shaking, and…  illumination.
  • as well as

  • WidowPC will be providing the machines for the PC room, and they sent us one of their gaming laptops to bang on for a while.  To say that it met our specifications doesn’t even begin to describe it, and sending it back to them caused me physical discomfort. 
  • in addition to

  • NCSoft is back as well, and I’d imagine we’ll get another E3 selection here as well - Auto Assault perhaps, City of Villains hopefully… 
  • how could we forget

  • Sabertooth Games, creators of the Warhammer Universe CCGs Warcry and Horus Heresy - as well as a LOTR tabletop game - will be all up ins, doing demos and possibly even showing some unannounced products.  We’re working on something top secret with them, as well - don’t know if it’ll be out by then.

    and of course there’s also

  • Hometown heroes Flying Lab will be there showing off Pirates of the Burning Sea, their Massive game of epic adventure and high-seas combat.  I plan to walk directly up to their booth and ask them if their game has doubloons or not.  If so, they may stay.     
  • (CW)TB

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