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Gabe / on Mon, May 9 2005 at 10:36 am

Come see us at E3

E3 is fast approaching and we will of course be there. Last year Ubisoft was kind enough to offer us a portion of their booth for the purpose of meeting our fans. They’ve made us the same offer again this year and we’d be crazy not to take it. Those of you who have tried to see us at E3 will remember that before we had booth space security would just kick us all out onto the street. I have to admit that the line system we pioneered last year is far superior to the crushing mob seen in years past.

So if you’re going to E3 this year you can find us on Thursday and Friday at the Ubi Soft booth from 2 to 3. We have five hundred comic books to give away this year. Last year we had two hundred to give away and they were gone super quick. This time we will give away two hundred and fifty comic books each day. It’s a very nice full color book featuring our Brothers in Arms comic as well as our Spy Training Manual. I have a picture of the cover here:

Last year on my way to the booth the first day I saw a huge line and since I was no where near the Ubi booth it didn’t even occur to me that the line could be for Penny Arcade. So I got in it figuring it had to be something pretty awesome. After about ten minutes I asked the guys in front of me what we were in line for and they said “you.” That was disconcerting. I was at this point pretty nervous and so I made a bee line for the bathroom in order to splash some water in my face. I was so fucking out of it though that I actually walked right into the ladies restroom. I stood there for a few seconds as my brain frantically tried to process what I was seeing. Why is everything pink? Where are the urinals? Why is that woman yelling at me?

I’ll try to be more professional this year.

-Gabe out :o:

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