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Tycho / on Fri, May 13 2005 at 10:43 am


Imagine that Microsoft has weapons aimed at every market segment.

Of course we watched their half-hour commercial on MTV, which was itself marbled with commercials, because we really want to see what is meant when they say “next-generation.”  The actual content of the program was so meager that it may not have struck telling blows even upon its intended audience - but anyone who reads Penny Arcade was, for the purposes of their tightly scripted salvo, the Public Relations equivalent of collateral damage. 

They did have ordnance precision aimed at our people - but it wasn’t televised.  Part of me feels as though I am capitulating to their marketing arm by even mentioning it, but I enjoyed it so much more than whatever that shit was last night that I’m putting it forward.  It’s from that OurColony viral marketing puzzle thing, and if you click on the round symbol to the left you’ll be able to choose which version of the video you want.  Some parts of it are too slick for my liking, but there are also a lot of big nerds in it giving me a lot of information.  There are also many UI screens you can pause to see even more stuff - a UI element for a Windows Media Center Extender is just one example.  Oh, and I’m officially retracting my statement that there won’t be wireless controllers in the box. 

Another reason to watch it is that J Allard looks exactly like a pirate.


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