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Gabe / on Fri, Jun 10 2005 at 6:00 pm

I had to wait two hours and forty-five minutes but I was finally able to get into the Alterac Battlegrounds the other night. I was having a blast with CTF but Alterac is an entirely different experience and just as fun.

When Kara and I popped in the sides were pretty even and the first thing we did was join a team determined to claim the nearest gold mine. The place was full of elite troggs and it took quite a bit of work on the part of our six man group to clean it out. Once we had killed their leader our peons started marching in to help us take care of any stragglers. Then they went right to work their picks. It was really cool to see and totally made you feel like the work you were doing was important.

We made our way to the front lines but honestly we had no business being there. I’m only level 53 right now and that makes me essentially worthless. Angry looks form the Horde NPC’s dropped me like a sack of bricks and sent me back to the nearest graveyard. The lag around the front lines was pretty intense although not as severe as the raids I had gone on before leaving the game. It was certainly playable but obviously not as smooth as the game you get in the significantly smaller Warsong BG.

We fell back and tried to pick off anyone we saw by themselves and that proved much more effective. We could have stayed in there for hours but we had already waited almost three just to get in. It’s frustrating because if I have three hours in a night that I can devote to WOW I’d rather do it in BG than waiting in line. Plenty of people mail me and tell me that on their server there’s no wait or maybe I should have picked Horde but that doesn’t help me. It’s like telling a guy in a wheelchair that your legs work just fine and what’s his problem? I’m stuck on Cenarius with its 70% alliance population and there’s not much I can do about it at this point. My friends are there, my guild is there and I just don’t have the energy to run another character up to 60. I’m glad the game works better for you but I’m stuck where I am. Right now it’s not too bad because while I’m waiting I can work towards level 60. Once I hit that cap I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do.

For right now at least I’ll be spending the weekend leveling and waiting. I am officially re-hooked on the WOW and it’s all because of BG. I just wanted to say good work to the people over at Blizzard. Just when I thought I was out, you pull me back in. Sons of bitches.

-Gabe out :o:

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