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Tycho / on Wed, Jun 22 2005 at 12:19 pm

PAX Arcadia

I have a bunch of stuff to announce, and more on Friday, but let’s get to the matter at hand:

  • Forum Registration is back up, so if you’re curious about something you can’t discover on the main PAX site drop in and let ‘em know. 

  • Garage Games will be in the exhibition room, no doubt with a selection of quality games in tow.  Garage Games is made up of some of the people who brought us Tribes, and more recently Zap, along with enabling a new generation of independent development with their Torque engine.  So we’re happy to have them.
  • The United States Army will be in attendance, in support of the America’s Army game project.  They initially wanted to bring a Stryker modular troop transport with them, but it was determined that the weight of the vehicle would destroy the foundation of the Meydenbauer.  We may need to settle for a military Humvee.  We’ll see. 
  • The Red vs Blue guys will be on hand, in the theater and otherwise.  They have an entire booth for this year’s event, and they’ll be creating an entire episode of the show from start to finish on the showfloor.  That seems like a cool thing.

  • We’ve also opened up 75 more “Bring Your Own Computer” spots for the LAN room, if you’re one of those kinds of people.  By which I mean my kind.
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