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Tycho / on Fri, Jun 24 2005 at 5:45 pm

Alpha Shade And Assorted Etcetera

I am always hesitant to put up links to comics I haven’t linked before, and the reasons are a little neurotic, so let me clarify them.

One, putting up a link is actually considered a hostile act by some comics.  The bandwidth drain our readership - well, you, I guess - can place on a site is almost indistinguishable (at first) from a Denial Of Service attack.  We linked an astonishing trailer someone had made for an H. P. Lovecraft cartoon a while ago, and by the end of the day the creator was suggesting that I owed him four thousand dollars because his ISP was shaking him down.  It’s not like I’m going to pay it, but that’s a tremendous burden to place on someone just for doing something that I found compelling.  So I don’t write it.

Two, when I link one, I feel as though I have brought gum to school and now must share with everyone.  But when I write a post like that, it’s my real and verifiable fear that I link too many things and it’s actually not useful to the sites I’d like to draw attention to.  So I don’t write it. 

Well, I’m not trying to destroy lives or whatever, but there are some things I enjoy and I am going to link them now.

I heard about a comic called Alpha Shade while listening to a podcast called Digital Strips, hosted by the indefatigable Zampzon and Daku.  And I really, really meant to read Alpha Shade, that has been the plan for a month now, but every time I think this is going to be it and plunge into their archive I end up in their Goddamn podcast, the Alpha Rant.  These things are hours long and I’m completely hooked.  I’d say that as soon as I get done with this post I’m going to start at page one and lap up their (comic) output, but I’ve already lied several times today and I would rather not go to hell.  Probably best at this point just to grab their extremely professional looking graphic novel and maybe just have it out while I absorb their fraternal camaraderie.

Wouldn’t you know that in their podcast they reference another podcast called Geek Fu Action Grip, and there’s another hour gone. 


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