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Gabe / on Wed, Jul 20 2005 at 10:02 am


Kara and I hit 60 last night in WOW. It feels real good. I also had my first encounter with a real GM last night. Over the weekend I met quite a few Blizzard employees at Comic Con. Apparently reading PA is some kind of pre-requisite for a job there. Anyway I chatted for a while with a couple GM’s who explained to me that the majority of their work involves the restoration of items. I remember distinctly cracking a couple jokes about how stupid a person would need to be in order to not only sell off some rare item but also not notice in time to buy it back from the vendor. Fast forward to last night.

I pick up a set of vendor trash cloth shoulders. When I return to IF I make my way to the poison vendor to stock up on flash powder (Rogue’s get out of jail free card) as well as some poison ingredients. So I have the vendor window up as well as a couple bags and I keep opening up my poison window. Through some ridiculous series of clicks I manage to equip the bullshit shoulders I found and sell my Stormshroud shoulders. Then I fucking log out and get some dinner. When I come back I realize my mistake but it’s too late to buy them back. So I send a ticket to a GM and hope it isn’t one of the ones I talked with over the weekend.

A few hours later I was in the middle of a jail break run in BRD and the GM contacts me. This was my first time meeting one and I gotta say I was really impressed with how professional he was. He asked me a few questions about the item and the circumstances under which I sold it and then told me he would pass my ticket along to the appropriate person. I guess it may take several days now to get my shoulders back and there is a chance I might not get them at all. That’s fair enough, I mean it was my fault I sold them. Either way I was really impressed with my GM experience. I know if I had that kind of power I would probably handle things differently.

-Gabe out :0:

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