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Tycho / on Fri, Jul 29 2005 at 4:30 am

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It Looks Delicious

Until something comes out that will wrest us from WoW and Battlefield, games industry, I warn you- it’s baked treats from here on out.  Unless of course you want to see an illuminating meditation on pies.  Because the chances of that are really very high.

I suppose that since Gabe and Kara raid every night, and I play it whenever I possibly can, they can probably have their Game of The Year award back.  It was never a physical object to begin with, and honestly the awards are themselves a kind of joke, but if it would please them to imagine they are holding it aloft before the attendant throng they may do so with our authorization.  There are a legitimate complaints about the game, some of which were gone over in a recent Geek Fu podcast, but what type of game it is actually changes as you ascend in levels, so it makes perfect sense to me if you were in for the infatuation period but perhaps not in for the hard work of making a marriage last. 

And, let me state clearly, there is a work phase, and if you never access an account again after fifty, or forty, I won’t skip stones on a placid lake for an hour or two thinking about why.  I’m willing to say that up until 20 or so, indeed, up until your first real instance, World of Warcraft is a game that could be enjoyed fairly universally - certainly to a greater extent than many of its contemporaries.  Ultimately, it ceases being a game that you can play by yourself or in twos or threes.  It stops being the game you were playing and becomes something else.  And, once you get a mount, Blizzard feels quite comfortable making you run your ass off for an hour a night.   

By that time, though, you’ll almost certainly want your own reasons to keep playing.  You’ve sunk God only knows how many hours in by this point.  You’ll practically need a guild - and if you don’t have one, if you don’t often see the “green text” associated with the speech of comrades, I’m surprised you’ve stuck with it.  I’m on Teamspeak the whole time with Guildies as well.  This “social” game ameliorates the travel time to a terrific degree, and there is a lattice of shared needs that is surprisingly compelling at that level.  It’s good, and I’m glad I have it, but I would not be entirely honest with you if I didn’t mention that I’m in now to research fanfiction.  I’m only telling you this because we tight.  I trust you’ll see the news isn’t circulated.   

Stormy continues to hybridize nerds and traditional masculinity with his latest Hook-Up, though I have warned him that forging a new kind of gender identity is backbreaking work, the kind of thing that (speaking only for myself) gets you beat up in gym.  He just looked at me with his one good eye, pulled down a pair of goggles, and bored straight through an inch of plate steel with his penis.  So, maybe he’s onto something.

(CW)TB out.

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