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Gabe / on Wed, Aug 3 2005 at 7:00 pm

So the two guilds we started over on the new Dark Iron server are packed out. We are not currently accepting members into either the Knights of Arcadia or the Fancy Lads. I imagine that very soon we will start to see that a lot of the people who joined up just did it on a lark and really have no intention of staying and fighting the Horde with us. So My guess is we will be looking for new blood at some point in the future. However there is always the possibility that all 854 members of these two guilds came to play and we won’t be losing members anytime soon.

But fear not loyal readers you have plenty of other options if you seek to help us rid Dark Iron of the vile “Panda Attack”. Quite a few Penny Arcade guilds have sprung up to absorb the influx of readers. In my travels I have come across players from the Cardboard Samurai, Keepers of the Wang, Annarchy, and CTS Dojo. I’ve spoken with players from each of the guilds and even grouped with a few of them. These are great guilds and I’m positive anyone of them would serve you well. You’ll find that on Dark Iron all the guilds are really working together and helping each other out.

I posted a set of rules and asked that all the knights and Lads do their best to follow them. We aren’t the only people on that server and it is important to me that the Penny Arcade guilds don’t get a bad reputation. Obviously if you started your own PA guild on Dark Iron it’s yours to run and I’m not the boss of you. You are sort of representing PA though so I’d ask that you look over these rules at least.


1.Don’t be a dick. This is the most important rule as far as I am concerned. This applies not only within the guild but also on the server in general. PA readers represent a large chunk of the population on this server and I want people to think of the knights and the lads as people they can count on rather than those dicks from PA.

2. I don’t mind everyone knowing my handle in game is Dudefella. However I really like to play World of Warcraft and beyond that I want to be useful to the guild. That means I need to level and that means I may not hit back every PM I receive. Please don’t think I’m being rude. I’m here to play just like you guys.

3. Please help out other Guild Members (I consider the knights and the lads to be one guild) Use the tag UFG (up for grabs) to give away items in the guild chat. When grouping please use the need before greed rule and help other players get the gear they are after.

4. Both guilds are so big that you guys really need to manage yourselves. We have a good group of officers but we’re all adults for the most part and we should be able to solve our own problems. If you see someone being a real jerk please report them to an officer. We have people begging to join these guilds we don’t need to waste time with jerks.

5. Please help me and the other officers answer questions in the guild chat. If I am leveling I might have guild chat turned off or it might be going so fast that I miss something. We need everyone to help with guilds of this size.

6. Please be cool to other PA related guilds you come across. If you see someone from Cardboard Samurai, CTS Dojo or some other PA guild, please treat them as if they were a knight or a lad. These are all fans of Penny Arcade and it is important to me that they be treated well.

7. I mean it, please don’t be a dick.


So come out and join us on Dark Iron and help us slaughter those sons of bitches over at PvP.

-Gabe out

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