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Gabe / on Mon, Aug 8 2005 at 4:12 pm

PA on Dark Iron

I’ve been having a great time on Dark Iron lately with the rest of the PA fans. The Pandas seem to try and hit us every night which makes for some of the most intense WOW I’ve ever played. I’m proud to say that the two guilds we stared the Knights of Arcadia and the Fancy Lads are really doing great. Everyone for the most part is following my don’t be a dick rule and I met some great people. I’m also proud of all the other PA related guilds on Dark Iron like Cardboard Samurai and Annarchy. I’ve seen quite a few other PA guilds during my travels and I’ve been impressed by them every single time. In my opinion we are all members of one giant PA guild.

We made some cuts to the Lads and the Knights today. We dropped anyone who had not reached level 10. We’re looking for people who came to play and honestly hitting ten in a week is a breeze for even the most casual of players. We lost a few people this way and I’d like to go ahead and invite some fresh faces into the guild to fill those spots. I’d like to do this without wrecking the Dark Iron server and I’d like to be able to play WOW instead of answer PM’s.

So at some point I will make an announcement here on the site probably called “Open Enrolment”. This announcement will contain information regarding joining one of the PA guilds on Dark Iron. Until that time the knights and the Lads will not be accepting new members. In the meantime I highly recommend that you seek out any of the other PA guilds on Dark Iron. We are currently working on ways to better coordinate between all the guilds so that hopefully soon they really will function as one mega-guild. Chances are good that you will still spot me and Tycho in the game and chances are even better that I will ask you for any green items you have so that I can disenchant them.

With that said, if you run a Penny Arcade guild on the Dark Iron server could you please send me a mail with PA GUILD in the subject line? I’d like to get a list together of all the guilds along with their membership numbers.

Feel free to check out the official PA Guild webstie. It’s still under some heavy construction and I pray this link doesn’t destroy it. Already it’s become a valuable tool for organizing such a huge number of players. Special thanks to Zatarra for all his work on the website.

-Gabe out

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