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Gabe / on Mon, Aug 15 2005 at 11:37 am

It’s been two weeks since PA took root on the Dark Iron server with the intent of crushing the Horde. Hundreds of people have mailed me to tell me that playing in a PA guild and battling the Pandas has reignited their love of the game. Speaking personally I can say that I intended this mage character to be an alt, but I’ve haven’t played my level 60 rogue in two weeks. I’m having such a fucking blast on Dark Iron it’s ridiculous. Last night I grouped with players from “Cardboard Samurai” and “Annarchy” in an effort to complete some quests that were a bit high for me. It’s just cool to know that you can fall in with any of these people and be confident that it’s gonna be a good group.

I gotta give Skull and his guilds credit. They’ve been hitting us hard every night. They still out level us for the most part and last night I must have been killed about six times by some “level fuck” horde in Lakshire. Eventually we spread the word though and we we’re able to beat them back with numbers. Tycho and I have been working as hard as we can to level so that we can start leading some raids and take the fight to the Horde. We’re just about ready to start doing that and already we’ve begun making plans and discussing strategies.

The server is literally overflowing with people at this point. When we started it was empty and now I wait in a 200 person line every night to play. But it’s worth it because the energy on the server and the (all in fun) tension between the PA and the PvP guilds is just awesome. I’d like to thank all the players in all the guilds both Horde and Alliance. You all have made Dark Iron a really incredible place to play.

Rumors of invaders from the west assaulting the server are certainly worrisome. Their tenuous alliance with the Horde is unfortunate. Their ultimate destruction is guaranteed. 

-Gabe out

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