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Gabe / on Mon, Aug 22 2005 at 11:30 pm

Dark Iron

The battle between PA and PvP continues to rage on Dark Iron. When our guilds started on this server it was essentially brand new. Now I have about a twenty minute wait every night just to log in. Fans of both comics have absolutely swarmed the serve. We’ve had the occasional server hic up but for the most part it’s been smooth sailing. We’ve decided to try and limit the number of people we take into raids and that has seemed to help. Honestly the wait really doesn’t bother me, like I said before this PA vs PvP thing is the most fun I’ve had in WOW and I’ve been playing since the beta.

I recently moved over to the Fancy Lads guild and now hold the rank of High Fancy Pants. Tycho stepped up and took the reigns of the Knights of Arcadia. Both of these guilds have sort of put a hold on new members. However if you’re on Dark Iron and you would like to get into a PA guild you have quite a few options. Check out this thread on the Knights of Arcadia page. A very popular new PA guild is the Disciples of DivX. They apparently have a habit of getting drunk on Thunderbrew lager and starting duels outside the Lions Pride Inn.

I gotta say it’s very good to be me in this game. Every day I check my mail I have some new bit of equipment waiting for me. You can check out my gear via this page if you’re interested. I’m doing the fire mage thing if you couldn’t tell. My latest gift was the super fly hat you see me sporting there. It’s got a crazy fire bonus on it but the hat itself is green. I’d much prefer my fire gear to be red or orange or something. I’m not saying it needs flames on the side like some kind of hot rod but come on, green?

-Gabe out

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