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Gabe / on Tue, Aug 30 2005 at 10:55 am

Dark Iron fun

Tensions between Penny Arcade and Player vs. Player erupted in bloodshed last night on Dark Iron. I was questing with Kara and a couple guys from Annarchy and Keepers of the Wang last night around South Shore. We ran into three Horde up near the yeti cave, two of them around our level and one level fuck. They must have put the word out because they had backup with them in no time. We called for help from the other PA guilds and within thirty minutes this is what it looked like.

Last nights battle between PA and PvP was fucking epic. It lasted almost two hours and it’s honestly hard to say who won. We would push them back into Tarren Mill and then they would rally and beat us back to South Shore. Both groups did an incredible job of avoiding the NPC guards in both towns. We battle back and forth like that until almost midnight. Skull showed up and at one point we actually died right on top of each other.

If you notice in that picture I’ve got two rogues next to me. They are members of “Rogue Squadron”. They are rogues from various PA guilds who act as my elite honor guard and their only goal is to keep my squishy ass from getting ganked. They do a hell of a job at it too. I’d like to commend everyone in the raid last night from all the different PA guilds. The teamwork I saw was absolutely incredible. The healing and rezing last night was easily the best I’ve ever seen, especially in that kind of situation.

By the end of the night I had 139 honor kills which is certainly a record for me. Good job to the Pandas and Djork, you guys were awesome and you gave us a hell of a fight. That was one of the best nights I’ve had in WOW no doubt.

There are still plenty of PA guilds recruiting on Dark Iron if you want to get in on some of this action. Check out this thread on the Knights of Arcadia web site for more info. I’ll warn you that the server is pretty full and you can expect a line when logging on at peak times. In fact according to the realm census page it looks like Dark Iron is the number one most populated server. I think it’s pretty cool that Penny Arcade and PvP were able to take a nearly empty server up to over 28,000 people in just a few months.

-Gabe out

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