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Gabe / on Fri, Sep 9 2005 at 10:26 am

Drugs and cons

So I survived my dentist encounter and I’m feeling much better now. I’ve mentioned it before here on the site but it was a long time ago so you might not have seen it. I have some issues with anxiety especially when it comes to anything that deviates from more normal daily routine. My dentist is aware of this and she prescribed me Ativan to relax me before my appointment. The last time I had Ativan was a couple years ago and it was prescribed by her for a similar situation. I had a few left over and ended up using them on my trip to New York. History seems to be repeating itself since once again I find myself with some extra tablets and a trip to the east coast. I’m just warning you all that if you come see us in Baltimore, there’s a good chance I’ll be in an uncharacteristically good mood

Whenever I use Ativan I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to take it more regularly. Certainly there are people who use similar drugs to regulate their anxiety issues every day. The feeling the drug delivers is definitely seductive and I some times wonder if this is what “normal” people feel like all the time. Two things keep me from ever actually attempting to obtain a more robust prescription and medicating my life. The first thing is that whenever I feel uncomfortable or nervous I make jokes….people tell me I am extremely funny. I honestly believe that my creativity and my neurosis are linked in some inseparable way. The other thing is that as soon as the effects of the drug wear off I go back to fearing it. The catch is that in order to see a doctor about a prescription for anti anxiety drugs I’d need to first over come my anxiety.

Speaking of the East Coast I’d like to go ahead and post our upcoming con schedule again:

We’ll be at the Baltimore Comic Con on September 17th and 18th. This is only the second time we’ve gotten out to the east coast and we’re really looking forward to it. I may even sample one of your “tastykakes”!

When we get back from Baltimore we’ll be attending the Foolscap Sci-Fi convention in Bellevue. We’re guests of honor along with Harlan Ellison which is, well, quite an honor. From what I understand it’s a pretty small con. I guess everyone has dinner together and the whole thing has a very “big group of friends” feel to it. 

At the end of October we’ll be heading out to BlizzCon. As you can imagine we are super fucking jazzed for this event. The details are still kind of sketchy but it’s safe to say we’ll probably sit in on a couple panels and there may even be some kind of PvP vs. PA exhibition match played.  We’ll also have a booth there with a bunch of our shirts and stuff. In fact we even made some new shirts just for BlizzCon. Here’s a peek at one of the new designs you’ll be able to pick up at the show.

So that’s our con schedule. I hope you’ll be able to come out and say hello and one of these events.

-Gabe out

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