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Gabe / on Fri, Oct 21 2005 at 11:14 am

oh nos it’s teh feds!

For the latest development in Jacks ongoing battle with sanity you should check out He is apparently trying to sick the “Feds” on us now. I’m not sure how he imagines we are extorting him. We are not demanding he pay the $10,000 to charity. In fact we paid it for him. Case closed end of story. In my mind we were finished with him.

Apparently many of you took it upon yourselves to send some extremely well thought out complaints to the Florida Bar. I have a feeling that might explain Jack’s most recent attack on us. I want to stress that I don’t think anymore mails need to be sent to the FBA. I feel like by now they understand what the situation is.

He can send these silly letters from hell to breakfast but all they amount to his a bunch of legal dry humping. He’s not actually going to accomplish anything with these faxes and they really don’t have the intended effect on us. That is to say we are not scared. This will become another funny story for us to tell at conventions just like American Greetings, eFront or Kiwi Publishing. Again I’ll tell you guys not to worry about us. We have absolutely top notch legal representation. Should Jack actually decide to come after us we’re quite prepared. Until then he’s more than welcome to send ridiculous faxes to any uninterested third party he wants.

-Gabe out

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