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Gabe / on Wed, Jan 25 2006 at 1:57 pm

the sad truth

I got a lot of mail about the recent WOW cyber sex comic we did. Essentially asking me how much truth there was to it. I’m sad to say its pretty much 100% accurate.

Kara and I play Wow together pretty much every night after lil’ Gabe goes to sleep. She will sometimes play downstairs in the living room on her laptop while I am up in the office. Now that we’ve both reached 60 I tend to spend all my time in BattleGrounds trying to get my next rank (Knight-Champion as of Tuesday) and she is off running instance raids with all the different Penny Arcade Alliance guilds. She’s also addicted to starting alts, she must have a dozen of them just on Dark Iron alone. This is all to say that we don’t always play together and she has lots of characters whose names I don’t know.

So a few nights ago I get a tell that says something like this:

Hey I’m a big fan of the comic and I think you’re hot!

Now I’m no idiot. I know perfectly well what I look like and so I immediately realize this must be one of Kara’s alts. Who else but my wife could find my spindly build and odd features even remotely appealing? I decide to mess with her a little and I send her back a tell that says:

Are you a girl?

She responds and tells me she is and it is at this point that I say to her

Send me a picture of your boobies.

Now as soon as I hit the enter button and the message is sent I get this sinking feeling in my stomach. I think to myself “holy shit, what if this isn’t Kara. What if she’s just downstairs watching Dr. Phil or something? I just told some random PA fan to send me a picture of her boobs! This is the sort of thing that ruins a career. I’m going to be the next creepy pervert web comic artist trading photos with underage girls on the internet. Oh shits!”

Thankfully I heard a scream from downstairs and I knew that I had in fact been dealing with my betrothed. The good news was that I had not in fact solicited pornographic images from a strange girl, the bad news was that my wife thought I was trying to. It turns out that’s not the sort of thing they laugh at.

-Gabe out

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