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Gabe / on Wed, Feb 1 2006 at 8:51 am

Two Things.

I’ve been working on a lot of different projects recently. Finally I think its okay to give you a look at a couple of them. In order to view these hot sneak peeks you will of course need to join our Penny Arcade Supremeservice. This is a program I’ve designed to reward our very special fans with exclusive content. Unlike other similar services ours has no subscription fee and requires no passwords. PA Supreme content will simply be displayed right here on the front page along with our regular updates.

So first up is the cover for the new Brady Games Online World of Warcraft strategy guide.


This new guide will actually come in the form of a large three ring binder. The idea is that you can download content from Brady and then stick it in your binder. Honestly I think this is a much better system for dishing out strategy content for an MMO. WOW is constantly evolving and this is a great way to keep the guide up to date.

I designed the Binder cover in such a way that you can make either side the “front” If you play Alliance you can hold it one way…


And if you play horde you can flip it around and make that the front.


I collaborated with the amazing Joe Pekar again on this project. I really love the way he colors my stuff.

Our first book “Attack of the Bacon Robots” is still just a month old but Tycho and I actually just wrapped up book 2. Here is a look at the cover of our second book “Epic Legends of the Magic Sword Kings”. This book will collect all the comics from our third year along with some of the news posts.


Those of you familiar with the Elemenstor Saga should recognize the Cerulean Citadel as well as Mount Wor.

The work being done over on the Elemenstor Wiki is really incredible. We gave people the basic timeline and some high level ideas for how the universe functioned. We gave them elemental wizards and ambulatory furniture, that sort of thing. We told people to fill in the rest of the world. What the community has done with it since is absolutely mind blowing. If you haven’t been over there recently I highly recommend it. Some of my personal favorite entries are the ones detailing “furnies” (people who dress up as furniture) and the Wizbits television series. They even have a fucking theme song for the cartoon!

Anyway we decided to draw on those epic themes for our second book. I’ve drawn Gabe as King Ronard and Tycho as Zonard. Once again this piece was expertly colored by Joe Pekar.

-Gabe out

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