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Tycho / on Wed, Feb 8 2006 at 7:43 am

Penny Arcade UFS Card Game

The "Battle Box" is now available on the store, if you’re interested.  This is the full set of cards, in the form of a Tycho Deck and a Gabe deck.  We wanted to do a CCG style card game that wouldn’t involve buying foil packs or hunting around for your favorite card, and Sabertooth obliged.  They didn’t exactly go wild printing them though, so if it is the sort of thing that you would enjoy I would ask that you not hesitate. 

If our particular manifestation doesn’t turn your crank, but you are interested in the mechanics of a card game based on arcade fighters like Soul Calibur and Street Fighter, there is some recourse for you.  You can actually get demo decks for free online, print them out, and play to your heart’s content - here is the Soul Calibur one, and here is one for Street Fighter.  You can even mail the guys at Sabertooth at, and they’ll send a couple to your house if you so desire. 


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