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Gabe / on Mon, Mar 6 2006 at 11:23 am


I ordered myself a MacBook a couple weeks ago and I’m still waiting for it to arrive. I’d like to thank Penny Arcade fan Robert Freeling who offered up his Apple employee discount. The MacBook won’t be here for a while but in the meantime I’ve been messing around with the iMac we have here.

I never thought of myself as the sort of hipster that would appreciate the Apple experience. What I am though is a proud dad and it turns out that’s just as good. I’ve already burned a DVD of lil’ Gabe, created a slide show of his pictures and sent them off to the grandparents. After a day I had my own .Mac site made using iWeb and I was photocasting by Sunday.

I can’t say much more than what Tycho already said. It’s just really fucking good and that’s all. I found that any time I had a problem this weekend it was because I was over thinking something. I was looking for some sub menu or a hidden setting when what I wanted to do was right in front of my face.

Add in the fact that it plays WOW like a dream and I’m set. I’m not ready to star in one of those annoying switch ads but it’s safe to call me a convert. I’m not going to ditch my PC anytime soon but I actually get excited when I think about using the Mac.  

-Gabe out


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