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Gabe / on Mon, Apr 3 2006 at 10:22 am


I have never gotten so much mail asking for a wallpaper sized version of a strip. It seems that “Sepoohroth” from Friday’s comic was a hit. Everyone and their dog mailed me asking for a larger version of that middle panel. Since I desperately want people to like me I went ahead and made one. This particular image is 1920 x 1200. I figure that’s big enough and if you need to you can always shrink it down.


Click on the thumbnail to grab the big one.

I’m absolutely hooked on Kingdom Hearts II. In fact it is the first game I can think of in months that managed to pull me away from WOW. The crazy long intro period was a little hard to stomach but it had a fantastic pay off in my opinion and now I’m into the Disney shit. So far I’ve burned through about 5 of the worlds and I’m loving each one of them. I’m a huge fan of all these films so when a character like the Beast joins my party I get pretty excited. Then when I discover his super special link move with Soara where they stand back to back and the beast puts is huge paw on Sora’s shoulder and gives him this reassuring look as if to say “it’s alright, we’ve got this.” Well…*Sniff*...I get a little emotional. I know it’s cheesy but I even bought the collectors edition strategy guide. The hints are nice but the game just isn’t that hard. The real reason I got it was for the sticker book it comes with. Yes that’s right, a sticker book with 400 stickers! Every time you meet a character or get an item you take the corresponding sticker off and place it next to the picture in the journal. Try to imagine a 28 year old man squealing in a high pitched voice to his wife in the other room. “Ooh honey I just met Mulan, I get to put her sticker in the journal, I GET TO PUT HER STICKER IN THE JOURNAL!”

I’m not proud.

-Gabe out

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