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Gabe / on Fri, Apr 21 2006 at 11:26 am

three things

So Downloadable Content: The Penny Arcade Podcast is number 4 on iTune’s list of the most popular podcasts. We’re actually right behind ESPN and right above Happy Tree Friends. Bet you little fuckers aren’t so happy now huh?

Also just a reminder that almost all of the Penny Arcade guilds on Dark Iron are open to new members right now. If you’ve been thinking about joining us but you figured you missed your window…well you were right. But we opened another window, so don’t miss this one. Here is a link to my old post about all the different guilds and who to contact. You can also visit the Penny Arcade Alliance forums located here. I’m begging you please go easy on this site though. We’re not hosting it and these forums are really just for our readers on Dark Iron.

I recently re-discovered an old book I had when I was a kid. The date on the inside says it was printed back in 1978, so it was either purchased for me when I was only a year old, or it was purchased for my brother who was older and I stole it from him. Either way it’s an awesome book. It’s essentially a dictionary that uses all the old DC super Heroes to teach kids the definitions of words.


You can see here I scrawled my little name on the inside cover. So regardless of who the book was actually purchased for, it was mike’s now.


I was flipping through the book the other day and maybe it’s my own sick mind but I’m pretty sure it’s full of sexual innuendo. See if you can back me up on this. Here’s a page from the “F” section. Check out the little exchange between the Joker and Batman.


Holy sexual tension Batman! Seriously am I the only one that finds that a little creepy? The entire book is full of shit like that. If I get some more time I’ll try and scan a few more pages for you. Banana is another choice one. Acording to the book Aquaman “loves the long yellow fruit. But it’s hard to eat bananas underwater.” I bet its hard Aquaman, I bet its real hard.

-Gabe out

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